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Haiku the asian Kitchen, is nominated for Times Food & Nightlife Awards

Haiku located in Banjara Hills and Gandipet takes you to a different universe. You may enjoy excellent Chinese and Japanese food here. Haiku, features delicate and charming interior elements for a peaceful date or lunch, come here. This eatery has been the subject of the town due to its incredibly intense atmosphere and the discussion about the quality of food. The service is enjoyable, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Their Banjara Hills outlet is energized by its patterned walls and soft lighting. The direct light that illuminates this room and accentuates the wonderful decor creates a very lovely atmosphere. The roomy tables, the top deck with a 20–25 person PDR setup, the enormous bird shell hanging on the wooden wall, and the high basket lights—all these elements contribute to the overall harmonious atmosphere. Everything serves a purpose and fulfills a need. The ambiance is calming and easy-relaxed. You immediately receive the impression that this restaurant is an Asian restaurant due to the fantastic atmosphere. One can begin from their beverage section by sipping bubble tea and iced tea. Iced tea is incredibly refreshing and retains its natural tea flavor without being too sugary.

However, bubble tea offers a unique experience for those who enjoy traditional mocktails. Many people won’t enjoy the freshness that the Bobas (bubblegels) provide at first, but you’ll get so dependent on it that you’ll want to have more than one round. Their food menu is vastly different than the conventional panasian.

Some of the best dishes to try include Penang Laksa, a famous spicy noodle soup from Peranakan cuisine, a blend of Chinese and Malay flavors. Luscious, spicy curry coconut milk is served with tasty chicken pieces and luscious rice noodles or vermicelli. Yasai Sarada, or Couscous Lettuce Salad, is a simple, light, crisp, and tender salad that is well seasoned and perfect for any time of day. You will adore how easy this dish is to make.

Try the best sushi plate, red curry, and Thai chicken, according to most guests. Their Mango Mousse, Layered Indulgence, and Chocolate Spring Rolls with Ice Cream are nothing but sinful treats that make you feel WOW and go wild even when you are quite full after your main course. Haiku, in its original form, is straightforward, simple, and excellent in both cuisine and service. It is worth visiting this restaurant to everyone who enjoys pan-Asian cuisine and is looking for a unique experience.

For more information, contact:
4Th Floor, G.V. Pride, Gandipet Main Rd, Kokapet, Phone: 070958 76888.

Above GoodEarth, 686/D, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Phone: 070958 76111.

Ramky Grandoise, beside Ramky Towers, Gachibowli, Phone: 070958 76444.

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